What our customers are saying.

I LOVE my SOLE Payroll card! The best part is not waiting in line to cash my paychecks… the money is just in my account automatically! Thanks, SOLE!

Sally W.

I’ve had a bank account in the past, but was tired of paying their high fees for services rarely used. With the TFG Pay Card my employer easily direct deposits to my payroll debit card, so I have access to my money on payday.

Shelley H.

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What our clients are saying.

In addition to be completely free of charge to employers, we have the best customer service out there. We go the extra mile, and take pride in serving well.

TFG has been great from the beginning. TFG Pay Cards have allowed our company to mandate direct deposit and eliminate paper checks completely. We’ve received excellent customer service including calls checking up on our progress using the pay cards. I would recommend to anyone considering this solution.

Lacey Sims Fruge Seafood Company

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the customer service that TFG provides. Your product is wonderful, you and your staff are awesome.   

Amanda Thomas AmCheck

We are seeing progress with getting our clients to adopt the TFG Paycard program. You have managed to do what no other company has done before (ie. make it easy to happen for our clients when they are ready to get started).

Chris Marquette Great Northern Staff Administrators

TFG was a lifesaver for us and our employees that weren’t able to participate in direct deposit. They allowed us to dramatically reduce costs from writing and shipping paper checks in a very quick and effective manner.

Mike Clark Perfect Look Salons

I have had nothing but a positive experience with everyone and anyone I have talked to at TFG. They are always more than willing to go the extra mile to help. Whether it is for me personally, or an issue with an employee I am helping to set up a TFG account, the team is always there with a prompt and helpful response!

Beth Roark Ober Gatlinburg, Inc.

By using TFG paycards, we have greatly reduced the administrational burden associated with the finances of our public health projects. An added benefit to having the prepaid debit card and payroll debit card was its easy use for ATM transactions on our international travels.

V. Anna Gyarmathy Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

TFG’s Pay Card service has been great! Our employees love it - it is so convenient! We pay our employees daily, and this really helps out instead of them having to come in to the office everyday! The staff is so helpful too! Thanks to everyone at TFG Card Solutions.

Darla Vizina Nurse Corps, LLC

We appreciate the professional help we got from TFG to set up our paycard program. Even though we are a smaller company, TFG worked with us like we were a large corporation, and our limited enrollment did not make a difference in the service we got. We are now 100% paperless due to this program. It’s been easy to use and hassle free from the time we started using the card.

Mike Lee Advance Packaging Corporation

Our company has a fair number of employees in the field and in some rural locations. Getting employees their pay on payday has been difficult in the past, since we have quite of few employees that can’t participate in our direct deposit program. The payroll debit cards are really nice because my employees who don’t have a bank account no longer have to worry about picking up the pay and then finding a bank that will cash their checks. They can access their pay immediately using their payroll debit cards.

Doug Killmer Great Basin Environmental, Inc.

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